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Restaurant is closed - new opening will be announced
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Guest House

Andrea Guest House - Restaurant with wheelchair access is located in Hainburg ad Donau on
the street Wienerstrasse 21, only 3 min. walk from City Hall and invites all to the delicious food or comfortable seating with tasty coffee, excellent wine or beer. Original decorated restaurant offers friendly atmosphere, excellent coffee and fresh homemade desserts, cocktails, and delicious international dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients. In addition, we offer a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (Budweiser, quality wines from Lower Austria and selected types of spirits). Our restaurant is known for its excellent cuisine and delicious foods not only in Hainburg - the gourmets outside Hainburg are often as guest here. It is possible to arrange the weddings, parties, company parties, family gatherings, etc here. Communication in Slovak and Czech too. Bus connection Bratislava - Hainburg and back. Photos show surroundings of the restaurant and its interior.

Our advice:
After walk on Danube bank enjoy our delicious meals and beverages!

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Wiener Tor - close surroundings of the Gasthaus Andrea

Entrance to the Andrea Restaurant

 Andrea Restaurant - interior 01
Andrea Restaurant - interior 02 Andrea Restaurant - interior 03
Andrea Restaurant - interior 04 Andrea Restaurant - interior 05
Andrea Restaurant - interior 06 Andrea Restaurant - interior 07
Andrea Restaurant - interior 08 Andrea Restaurant - interior 09
Restaurant Andrea - menu 01 Restaurant Andrea - menu 02
Restaurant Andrea - menu 03 Restaurant Andrea - menu 04
Restaurant Andrea - menu 05 Restaurant Andrea - menu 06
Restaurant Andrea - menu 07 Restaurant Andrea - menu 08
Restaurant Andrea - menu 09
Andrea Restaurant - interior 10 Andrea Restaurant - interior 11
Andrea Restaurant - interior 12 Andrea Restaurant - interior 13
Andrea Restaurant - summer terrace 01 Andrea Restaurant - summer terrace 02
Andrea Restaurant - summer terrace 03 Andrea Restaurant - summer terrace 04
Andrea Restaurant - summer terrace 05 Andrea Restaurant - summer terrace 06
Andrea Restaurant - summer terrace 06 Andrea Restaurant - summer terrace 06
Andrea Restaurant - interior 14 - 16

Andrea Restaurant - interior 17 - 19

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