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Gratis photos

The photos on this website are for personal use only -  you can send holiday greetings with pictures of Austria to your friends from every internet café, but it is not intended to use the photos on this website for business purposes. Proceeding:

1. Click the photo with the right button of the mouse

2. Choose the possibility "E-mail the picture ..."

3. Write E-mail of the adressee, text and send message

If any problems: save the photo in your PC at first and then send the photo as enclosure of the e-mail message
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UNESCO World Heritage: Salzburg - Mirabell Park & Garden

UNESCO World Heritage: Salzburg with Hohensalzburg Fortress in the middle of picture

UNESCO World Heritage: Salzburg city, view from the Hohensalzburg Fortress

Hellbrunn Palace

UNESCO World Heritage: Hallstatt

Bad Ischl Spa

 Salzburger Schieferalpen northerly of Radstadt town - view from Rossbrand hill (1770 m) to Dachstein massiv

View from Rossbrand hill (1770 m) to Bischofsmütze (in the centre of the photo)
View from Rossbrand hill (1770 m) to Radstädter Tauern

Schladming/Planai ski center


Mondsee, aquapark
Zell am See
UNESCO World Heritage: Stift Melk, Benedictine monastery
UNESCO World Heritage: Courtyard of the Benedictine monastery, Stift Melk

UNESCO World Heritage: Port in Melk

UNESCO World Heritage: Krems an der Donau, SteinerTor
UNESCO World Heritage: Port in Krems - Stein

UNESCO World Heritage: Piarist Church in Krems an der Donau (PiaristenKirche)

UNESCO World Heritage: Graz, Uhrturm
UNESCO World Heritage: Graz, Grazer Schlossberg
Admont Benedictine monastery with greatest in the world monastery library
St. Pölten, City Hall and Rathausplatz
Open-air museum Petronell-Carnuntum, Roman civilian city - the house of Lucius, Lower Austria
Schloss Hof in Engelhartstetten, Lower Austria
Orangerie in Schloss Hof, Engelhartstetten, Lower Austria
UNESCO World Heritage: Neusiedler See
UNESCO World Heritage: Neusiedl

Hainburg, view from the castle

Hainburg, Danube riverside
Eisenstadt, Esterházy Castle
Eisenstadt, Haydnkirche (Bergkirche)
Bruck a.d. Leitha, Prugg Castle and Harrachpark
Baden bei Wien, Doblhofteich
Baden bei Wien, Doblhofpark
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